Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little (very little) Spring cleaning!

I have been home for two days with a sick child. She has had a ridiculously high fever and plain old cold symptoms, and every good mom and teacher knows 24-hour fever free before they return to school. So, today I decided since we were trapped and she was feeling a little spunkier we would get busy! To her get busy means spend hours planning her Rainbow birthday party, which I admit is coming up fast but we have to get through the fair first.

4680880560_e1264fc142_bphoto by: D Sharon Pruitt

Yesterday, I managed to get to the bottom of the clothes hamper, you know the one- not the one with the clothes you wear, but the one hidden in the back corner of the laundry room with the tablecloth from Christmas and the random dish towels that cleaned up a nasty spill and never quite made it to the washer, and at least three quilts because you just couldn’t decide which one to stick with. Ok, maybe I’m just lazy but it is all done. (Side note—while typing this my washer died, no kidding-the most important appliance I own has just given up spinning. I guess I shouldn’t have washed all those quilts. Thank you Jesus for a handy husband, he can usually fix anything—or maybe it’s time for those front loaders that I have been eyeing.)

Today was get rid of the winter d├ęcor and start something new! Very exciting, except I kept finding I was missing one essential component to whatever I wanted to make. I managed to change up my window, I consider this my mantel; since I was flat sure I didn’t want a fireplace in my new house, funny how you change your mind after a few years. We also totally revamped the sick kid’s room, similar to big brothers mess last week—we attacked the art easel and all of it’s contents and did away with the Valentine banner—yes Valentine. I really wanted to do something for my dining table but I am coming up with no good ideas right now.

009I should have added clean windows to my list, but I love my banner…


024         Out with the Valentine, up with something more practical—her art usually takes over my fridge…

027This, is over my bed (notice no bed picture) I wish I could remember where I saw this to give credit, but it was fairly easy to make, I love burlap!


Add in book shelf clean outs, baking some green chocolate chip cookies, my closet shelf disaster, a couple games of Frisbee and we had a good day!


The cookie baking, sickie!

It is back to school and work tomorrow, I hope. This marks the 4th day of fever,  she’s eating, she’s playing, it’s got to be over right?


the play room is the next day-off project—simply pitiful!


Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1

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  1. Hope Ans is feeling better! I'm laughing over your comment about the hamper. Yes I know the one, because I have one in my laundry room too! It currently has Tori's denim quilt in it that I took off of her bed several weeks ago. I really need to get it out, fold it up and take it to the dry cleaners and have them wash it in their big machine for me. (Lest I tear my 22 year old washer up)