Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wow! So this is blogging...

Alright, I know I am a little behind the times but over the last year I began following other blogs, mostly scouring the internet for fun printables and others crafty ideas and yummy recipes. Now I have decided to try it out myself. Not because I have anything of great importance to share but to keep up with myself. The "Quiet Life" that I so desperately want is close at hand, but in the meantime I want to savor the ah-ha moments that God reveals to me, the fun times with my kids, and the all special events that make this life so sweet. I want to keep a record to remind myself that although this life is temporary it was given by our Lord and Creator who loves us and has "plans" for us and desires us to enjoy it.

So without further ado, a quick catch up of our summer events!

Alligator spotting at Paynes Prarie with our Iowa cousins

One of the 100 or so we saw--Yuck!

Disney World--again...

Ansley's 1st Spring Recital (in June),

Rodeo Riley moving to the big kid events,

Doesn't he look like he's got it!



and a new baby bunny-Daisy.