Friday, February 17, 2012


Ok, so I am done being kind. Well, maybe not done-- but done trying to come up with creative and unusual ways of being kind. It was a fun little exercise if self awareness. I actually found it a stretch to come up with ways to do things without people knowing it was me and doing things that were not in direct response to another’s kind act. It definitely comes easy to treat those we are surrounded with daily with kindness, we know their likes and dislikes and our acts are often reciprocated. Stepping out and offering hospitality to complete strangers that probably don’t even have a clue what just happened is a different story.  Also, my kids did not understand why I would leave extra money at the Burger Spot--- “who was it for, what if the person behind the counter steals it” or why we had to get to school so early, or why they had to bring treats to random people at church. All in all it made me aware of others, always being on the lookout for someone in need. Like the lady at Wal-Mart who was a little short of cash, she could not believe why in the world I would give her $5.00 but I knew God wanted me to and it felt right. I feel like although I won’t be sneaking treats to co-workers all the time or leaving extra change at the paper-box on Sunday, I will try to be aware of a need when it arises and act on it. We are “God’s workmanship” and were “created to do good  works” {Eph. 2:10} and not just to those we already like, to everyone!

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to ALL people; especially those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:10


  1. I applaud you for giving it a go Charley. Sounds like you did a wonderful job being kind. When I read the first sentence I thought, "Uh oh, someone must have been ugly to her". Glad that wasn't the case. See you at church!

  2. Great post... at least it has made you more self aware. That is a positive plus. :)