Sunday, February 5, 2012

100th day of school and the 80’s…

So, this week at school two of my favorite things came together. the 100th day of school—only 80 days left and counting-- and 80’s dress up day. While, as my son pointed out I was only 3 years old in the “80’s”—he didn’t quite grasp that the “80’s” was an entire decade not just a year,  I remember all the crazy colors and wild hair. I wore my leg warmers and jelly bracelets proudly all though elementary school, this phase quickly passed with the arrival of hair bands and the 90’s grunge rock. I wonder when they will have a grunge dress up day, I could so put on some flannel and my Vans. Anyway, I knew the 80’s would be right up my daughters alley. The 100th day of school was bittersweet this year, my son is officially too old to do an individual project, something he was happy about but made me a little sad. We made Ansley’s project from one of her crazy ideas, since she has never shown any interest in sheep or cotton balls before, but it was super cute.


Our cute shirts Mrs. Franne found in here 


Riley is too old for matching shirts, too


Ansley’s 100 day project


Rocking the side pony, and the overlay shirts, you can’t see the bright turquoise leggings—sorry!

Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2


  1. So super cute! I have a cute picture of her holding her sheep, she looked so proud! Love y'alls shirts, they turned out super cute!

  2. If you got to spend a few more days with me you wouldn't be counting..... 'cause time flies when your having fun. I enjoyed our time together last week and who knows.... we might get to do it again:) Glad A got to dress up, finally:) And the 3D sheep turned out super cute!

    1. You are too funny--I enjoyed it, too. I always think those teacher swaps are grooming us for next year...

  3. Hi! Love your cool shirts!!!!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I only heard 1/2 of the story this morning on the radio!! I'm gonna check the rest out on the JoyFM's website!!