Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who can’t teach a duck to sing?


Question: Which one is an ambition that you might have?

a. Teaching a duck to sing

b. Playing a musical instrument

c. Forgetting your backpack

Guess which one my first grader picked—that’s right “a.” and while I appreciate the reasoning behind why we can not teach a duck to sing, I feel in keeping with her personality this best suits her true ambitions and personality, much better than plying a musical instrument. I could even argue after this morning that forgetting her backpack,  dance shoes, snack , lunchbox or a myriad of other things is truly a life ambition. You see she missed this question on her reading test last week, I do not blame her most wonderful teacher for the confines that we must keep our children in while in the public school system, but seriously I had to laugh and I couldn’t even scold her. This is the child who insisted that her rabbit learn “stick tricks” which means guiding her with a stick to jump over things, this never really worked out. This is the child who insisted that her brother’s goldfish should take baths in the tub with him. This is the child who tortures her kitten daily with ideas of dressing up, riding in a stroller, and ballet dancing across the living room floor. So, can she teach a duck to sing ---maybe not but I bet she would try….

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  1. Don't you just love their ideas at that age? Reminds me of the days when Tori used to watch "Higglytown Heroes" and Twinkle would always come up with some zany idea. To this day, when Tori starts rattling off some hair-brained idea, I say, "thank you, Twinkle."