Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Tree

OK, so last week sometime. Super-mom Carrie posted a cute family tree decoration that she had created for her January home and I loved it! I had actually seen the idea before but she inspired me to do it myself—thanks Carrie!

So, I took some of my most “favoritist” pictures, added a sepia tone in Picnik, and printed on plain paper. I did not have any cute vintage tags but instead cut my own out of cardstock. Next I glued the pictures on the card stock with good ole’ Elmer's glue mixed with a little water. Then , inked the edges to add a little depth, punched a whole and used red bakers twine to hang. I will probably add some more pictures, but my printer  ink died in the middle of my project.

At the moment it is on my table as a center piece because I was really tired of the one I had, but since I am positive my husband will laugh at my tree branch—it probably won’t stay there.

I really like it. It’s rustic and personal.


This picture looks like all the pictures on it are of Riley but they are double-sided.


Proof that Ann is on the tree, too.


Side-note: Ansley and I made this for her room over the weekend, I really like specimen art and this was fun and easy to make. I love these long weekends!!

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