Friday, June 22, 2012

Ahhhh Summer…


We are soooo loving summer. Not having a schedule definitely suits me right now, we have actually had entire days when my car never left the driveway. We have been to the $1 movies, had picnics, played water balloons, ate out because we wanted to not because there wasn’t time to eat at home, stayed up late, played dress up, made lots of s’mores, watched Old Yeller, played Monopoly all the way through, made crafts, went for walks, neglected to document most of these occasions and spent countless hours just doing “stuff”that we never have time for.

We have had time to create, which I thoroughly enjoy. Riley has even been involved, which is not the norm. He was super excited to make this plate for Daddy’s keys and wallet as a Father’s Day gift (thank you pinterest). He even stenciled the word Gators. I admit this was not the design that I had in mind but he insisted and we were both happy with the outcome, and Daddy uses it everyday to keep my counter free of his stuff.

2012 012.69 cent flower pot bottom and paint 2012 020

Ansley has always been my crafting buddy, when I saw this idea for tropical bird art at Skip to My Lou I knew she had to make it, no supply purchases necessary, I even had a big frame that we painted to go with it. It looks great in her colorful bathroom


I have been trying to do some work in her room (still haven’t touched the playroom). I redid her valance, which is now colorful and super cute, with an idea found on pinterest. I used scraps of fabric I already had, with the exception of some yellow that I picked up at Wal-Mart for $1.


Eventually I will have to go back to work and the kids will have to go back to school, thankfully all at the same time. But for now, we are going to enjoy all the time we have and I am going to take more pictures, maybe.2012 072


Our Lord is great, vast in power; His understanding is infinite. Psalm 147:5


  1. I love her valance!! I think I may do that with some "manly" fabric in the boys room!

  2. What fun stuff. Enjoy your summer!