Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mom, Are we poor…

Seriously, not the question I thought would be uttering from my almost 9-year-olds mouth. However, he is the socially-conscious one always worrying about his clothes, his hair, or his choice of activities. The question came up recently while driving home from yet another practice, and caught me totally off guard. “Why do you ask “, I quietly replied, wondering who had said what, what has he overheard and generally how am I going to give him a satisfactory answer. “Some kids might think we’re poor because of your car.” WHAT?!?! I was thinking and a laugh is what came out. That’s all, my car!
Since when do 3rd graders even notice what kind of car anybody drives? Now, let me say—I love my car-- all 12 years aged and 250, 000 miles of it, not to mention it’s paid for. We could go down to the bank and get a brand-new fancy car payment anytime but why! I drive 2 miles of dirt road every day then another 30 of highway just to work and back, another 30+ for extracurriculars ; I haul a lot of stuff and people in my car, and it has been known to pull a trailer when needed.

Yes, it’s old but my husband can fix anything, and yes it has a dent in the side (not caused by me) but that just makes it easier to find in the sea of pewter colored Suburbans at Publix.
So, back to my son, “No buddy we’re not poor. God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. If I ever need a new car, we will have one, but right now I don’t need a new car, notice we are driving down the road in it.” He seemed satisfied with that answer but I am still curious where that thought even came from.
Are we teaching our kids that a new car is a status symbol even in elementary school? If so, shame on us as parents. I pray I can teach my kids to avoid the commercial and look at the individual. I want them to understand everyone one of God’s creations are worthy of love, because He created us no matter what we look like, what we drive, what we wear, or who we know. Once, again time to get off my soapbox. Time will tell, but for now it’s good to know Riley will still happily ride with me, he is not hungry or naked. God is good and we are not “poor”…
Better a poor man whose walk is blameless than a fool whose lips are perverse. Proverbs 19:1


  1. Ok, so who does the bottom vehicle belong to? Haha

  2. Pretty sure that bottom truck is parked in my brother's yard :) I am rolling over your son's shame. I so remember being like that over my momma's car. Of course it was a Smurf blue Chevy Lumina that was missing a hub cap!!! I say drive that paid off vehicle as long as you can. Be sure to tell your son when he turns 16 then he'll get a turn driving it. My momma did that! She got a new car and I got the Smurf. In fact, J and I both drove the Smurf! Ha. It's character building...