Monday, September 17, 2012


This is the outcome when you have two driving children. For years Riley has been the only child who could ride a bike, Gator, dirt-bike, go-cart and most recently lawn mower. Ansley just didn’t have it in her, she didn’t care to and was content to ride along with brother or watch from the sidelines.
Until now… Recently a visit from Uncle JC led to my baby—who still can’t ride a bike, she’s 7—learning to drive the go-cart. We stood back in horror as she nearly toppled everything on 5 acres, including us. She eventually did get comfortable and nearly got the hang of it.
In comes big brother today—“Hey can I ride the go-cart” me “Sure, I’ll be there in a minute to watch”.
Not two minutes later I hear screams and the engine roaring away further and further, but the screams are still close. The screams are coming from the kid who is supposed to be driving. I arrive on the scene to find sweet baby girl careening on two wheels, pulling a fertilizer spreader behind the go-cart plowing directly into a pile of tires by Daddy’s shed, at the other end of the property. First instinct, is anyone bleeding, second instinct—who am I going to beat. Then, with a loud “Seriously!” from under the helmet, I see it...
2005-2006 523
I see the very same Care-Bear (my childhood favorite) given to baby daredevil on her 1st birthday by Aunt Candace. Cheer Bear was taken for a ride in the fertilizer spreader, pulled behind the go-cart at ungodly speeds by a novice driver, and subsequently wrecked. So sad.
2008 233
2008 231
So much for the good old days…
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your good Spirit lead me. Psalms 143:10


  1. Two driving children is a wild thought, literally :) Relieved to read that Riley has no interest in ride a bike, AC could care less and I was wondering if that was "normal"...not that we're normal :)

  2. Too funny. Glad she's not hurt. Tori wrecked her go cart last year and is just now getting the nerve up to go at it again. (She just saw the title of your blog and said, "My Quiet Life? Really?") Hahaha

  3. I would blame it on the uncle: when I was somewhere close to her age, uncle Kevin thought it would be a good idea for me to ride his odessey. End result: I ended up in the huge gully in front of grandpa and grandama Buck's house, not far from a huge tree!