Saturday, July 21, 2012

I pray for everybody on the earth…

We have been talking with the kids about their prayers and not making them routine and mechanical but remembering that they are talking to our living Lord who hears them, that this is a real interaction. Usually they mix their words and requests around but Riley always includes the “be with us every minute of every hour of everyday”, which I still think is precious. Last night Ansley decided that she would be sure not to miss anyone.  “I pray for everybody on the earth to be not sick, and every animal on the earth to be not sick, and every person and animal to be OK, in Jesus name—amen” She does a lot of praying for pets and animals. You have to admire her faith!
I went back to work last week in the afternoons. It has been great but I really like being home! We have managed to squeeze in a little fun and Poppa has been keeping the kids entertained with trips to the river for fishing, Dudley Farms, bowling, and pretty much anything the kids wanted to do—even a trip to the dump(thank you Poppa)!
Riley opened a bike shop…
And learned how to jump the ramp…
Ansley had a sleep over…
And made finger puppets…
And like sweet Christy’s house, we had a room arranging--the kids decided to rearrange their rooms, all by themselves and I let them. I must have been out of my mind, but they actually did a great job. Riley’s required no parental assistance.
And finally my island is finished, the one Aaron started building me at Christmas! I have actually had it in the kitchen for a couple months but I just finished painting the chalkboard on it…


  1. Love it - from the new glasses (now I see the flowers on her frames, sooo Ansley) to the island chalkboard & everything in between. You've mastered staying busy while not being busy...LOL!

  2. I love their prayers, how sweet of Ainsley to include the animals!
    Let Riley and Ainsley know I love their new rooms! Something about moving a couple of things to make you feel as though you have a new place :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Those prayers are so sweet. And you island turned out really cute!