Friday, December 9, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Tree (for us)…

I love Christmas trees! I love the idea, the smell, the excitement of something new, and interesting in my house. I love the beautifully adorned, the positively crafty, and the skillfully simple trees that I see everywhere from window displays, to blog-land. For our house however, nothing beats chopping down our own Florida grown sand-pine at Nielson’s Christmas Tree Farm. We have visited Nielson’s every year since the kids were quite small and it is so much fun! Our tree is not exceptional by popular standards but the kids pick it out, my husband cuts it down, we haul it home and up it goes (and occasionally down, as was the case last year). It is decorated with hand-made ornaments and ornaments the kids have collected as gifts since birth and the only theme is “it’s for the kids”. I have several toppers and they pick each year. I admit they picked my least favorite this year but they love it and it was a gift (the giver will remain anonymous)! We enjoy the tradition of it, the family time and the creativity involved. So, while I do enjoy the magnificently put-together and cleverly themed trees—ours is the perfect tree for us.


stopping to pose with the local art



Ansley’s first pick-thank goodness her brother did not agree



the boy and his cart



they thought they could fool Nanni with this picture of the “real” deer



the eventual pick (1 hour into our search)



loading it up



Good thing they didn’t pick the 8 footer like last year



let the decorating begin



ok, so now I can see just how crooked it is!



these limbs later bent from the weight of too much stuff and it all came tumbling down—but we fixed it!




the finished work of art (notice my reading advent basket)


If I ever get around to making a new garland, it will be complete. As I hinted before, our tree fell many times last year and the garland did not survive! That’s why this year we did this-- a screw, some fishing line, and ta-da!


Yes, it’s a little hillbilly—no offense—but it works for us! Thank you Nielson’s for a fun Christmas tradition!


Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy, they will sing before the Lord, for He comes… Psalm 95:12-13a

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas tradition. Spending time together is the best. And I quite love the fishing line idea. I have some holding my kitchen curtains back! One more thing...that snowman ornament with the high heels is just too funny. See you tomorrow.