Friday, November 25, 2011

Ansley’s Christmas Banner

OK, so I have been scouring the internet trying to decide on the perfect Christmas banner. I know I want burlap and not a lot of letters, my Thanksgiving one was adorable but HUGE. In one of my shining mommy moments this weekend I decided to get our Christmas stuff and start looking around, mostly because my daughter absolutely loves to look at boxes of goodies. During this endeavor, we came across a bizillion old Christmas cards, I am a pack-rat and simply have not done anything with theses beauties in several years. Ansley in her 6-year-old decorating sense decided immediately these must be displayed-- all bizillion of them. I did not want to disappoint her or quench her creativity and questioned how she thought this might work. She quickly handed me some Christmas ribbon she had claimed earlier (bought at the end of the season last year at the DG) and ran to get the scissors. “I can make a banner” she announced; and away we went. A half hour later she had, what I thought was a really cute kid-created project and she was beaming! I liked it so much I even incorporated her idea in my kitchen window…

Pig 027

Please ignore the mess in the background--this is my playroom/catch all!

Pig 028

Check out those fine-motor skills!

Pig 032Pig 035

Hanging proudly in her room!

Pig 036

She even included a winter scene on her easel, to set the mood…


My attempt to cheer up my kitchen sink…(and my only Christmas decorating thus far)


209 (2)

Just in case (like my husband) you are laughing at me for encouraging snowfall in Florida—it can happen!


  1. LOVE the banner idea with recycled Christmas cards. Awesome job Ansley. I might have to borrow this idea. :O) Okay, so what's with the snow? Was that taken another time and place or did you throw something white in front of the camera while taking the pic?

  2. love your banner idea!!! I better start saving my cards for next year!!